[insetright title=”Our mission”]To provide our customers with secure and reliable software services, delivered from the Cloud, to both desktop and mobile devices.[/insetright]

Pixta, Inc. (pronounced: Pix-Ta-Ink) is a privately held corporation, operating since 2004.

Pixta builds Internet “Cloud”-based applications that are designed to be:

  1. Reliable
  2. Secure
  3. Easy-to-use
  4. Appropriately priced for small business


[insetright title=”Bay Area Graphics”]Words cannot express how grateful we are to have found Pixta.  When we needed to offer our clients a custom online print Solution ; Pixta was there to save the day!  Clients can be very demanding. No matter how challenging the request or crazy the deadline Pixta delivered.  We can’t thank them enough making our web portal business a reality.  We look forward to a long term business relationship.
Lesley Harrison, President & Account Director

To assist our customers in transferring large-files simply and securely across the Internet, we built PixtaSynapse. Using PixtaSynapse, the sender needs only a web-browser to securely send large files.

To make the service super-reliable, we built the servers and core-technology for our custom file processing pipeline. We then located those key-servers one-hop off the Internet backbone to reduce latency. Our core file pipeline is physically located in a secure Class A co-location facility. We have setup secure, automated, off-site backups to safeguard our customers data in case of a catastrophic emergency.

Some of our customers transfer a lot of data/files though PixtaSynapse. Those files needed to be managed and tracked once they reached their destination. We built PixtaFlow to assist with this task.  It’s a world-class job management/ERP system for the print industry.

Our newest product, PixtaCatalog, has been a couple of years in the making.  Acting as a Digital Storefront, it facilitates corporations in setting up a brand-able catalog/ordering portal for employees to order both static and dynamic corporate collateral from.

Customer-focused is an understatement at Pixta, Inc.; Our development road-map is, in-part, prioritized by our customers needs.


At Pixta, our focus is providing great cloud-based technology so our customers can be more profitable, efficient and productive.