The Pixta team has worked on a variety of hardware from small consumer entertainment devices to big iron, like the SGI Onyx II IR.  Of course we have a deep knowledge of servers and infrastructure and have built our server and software architecture for our data center.  All this effort is directed to simply provide an awesome customer experience when using our service.

Since 2004 Pixta has been working in the digital print industry to help companies be more efficient:

  • Quicker turnaround of large files into production, without shop having to manage server and client software
  • Easier to track job moving though shop
  • Reduce costs in customer support via Customer Portal while improving customer satisfaction.
  • Add Web Storefront that allows another revenue source.
  • Add Cataloging system to make B2B reordering easy and efficient for corporate customers.

If your business needs are demanding, talk to an experienced team with a proven skill set,  contact us,