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PixtaCatalog ?

A web storefront built explicitly for the print industry

PixtaCatalog provides a valuable sales channel to sell products from. It can take orders when your customers are ready: 24 x 7, 365 days a year, is customizable and made for the print industry.

While PixtaCatalog can be used for basic products, it is more than just another catalog: rather than list off all it’s features we’d rather point to how when it’s used with PixtaFlow and PixtaSynapse, PixtaCatalog brings the customer ordering and production process full-circle by offering not only ordering but also a workflow for manufacture and fulfillment of goods.  We’ve interwoven our services seamlessly to simplify taking and processing orders.

When an order is placed from PixtaCatalog that order goes directly into PixtaFlow so it is tracked, ready for any corporate approvals and then production. Customer service doesn’t need to pick-up the phone to take an order or later enter that order into the system.  Orders flow through the system and it just works.


PixtaCatalog is easy-to-use for both for your customers and staff: it allows you to enter, edit or remove items by simply dragging items to where you want them.

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PixtaCatalog assists your business in:

  • opening up new markets
  • growing your business
  • expanding opportunities

It just works.

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