INTRODUCING:  PixtaFlow Version 2 – A New Benchmark in Print Management

PixtaFlow Version 2 has a fresh and clean new interface with powerful new and improved features that provide unsurpassed ease of navigation and greatly increased functionality.  The new version 2 makes PixtaFlow one of the most powerful, yet easy-to-use systems on the market today.

* New User Interface – We’ve spent months laboring over button shapes, colors, icons and fonts so that the new look is fresh, clean and easy-to-use.  The interface is intuitive and super easy to navigate.  Overview screens clearly show what is happening at any one moment and frequently used information is no more than one-click away.  Enjoyable?  Yes.
* Integrated Email – Not just sending but receiving, right into the job instance “email to job ticket,” so communications for each job stays with the job and facilitates easy collaboration. This also ensures all client correspondence is traceable and highlighted in the ‘to do’ list for action.  A Pixta exclusive!
* Production Stage Timer – See where efficiencies can be gained at a glance.
* Activity Based Costing Estimator – See exact costs of each process to eliminate waste and improve processes.
* Dynamic Search – Find jobs, customers or estimates with just a few keystrokes.
* Shop Overview – One page to quickly and clearly see what is happening throughout the shop. How many jobs are stacked up in proofing? Is there a delay in shipping? Easily see and address possible issues before they become problems.
* Product Templates – Designed to make estimating similar items fast and consistently priced.
* Consumables Management – Redesigned so that getting the substrate you need is fast and easy.
* Export to .csv – Export customer records, reports, materials etc. It’s your data, view it the way you want it.
* Notifications – Files that have arrived, jobs that have been proofed, email related to a job: you’ll know when it occurs.
* Integrated Large File Transfer – Easily get files from your customers using a file tray; drag and drop them directly into the job ticket.  Slick and easy for you and your customer.
* Integrated Proofing and Approvals – Proof jobs and approve them with just a few clicks of the mouse right in the job ticket. No more going to another screen or product to look at the proofs.
* Awesome Customer Support Features – Need help using Pixta products?  New chat and email features means you can get in touch with us with just a few keystrokes.  If you don’t want to talk to us at that moment, you can access our new Support Center to view FAQs, links to solutions and soon-to-be-released videos to help guide you.  We’re here for you.
* Security and Logging – We take security seriously. Each sign-in is logged and can be viewed by the shop administrator or owner. Reports are sent weekly on the status of problems signing in so you can change passwords on accounts that have suspicious activity associated with them.

PixtaFlow – Core Features

PixtaFlow is a web-based workflow management system that comprehensively manages the most demanding print jobs from start to finish – from customer contact to final invoicing.  Address your most pressing job management problems with:
»   Up-to-the-second job tracking
»   Customer access web portals
»   Proofing and approvals
»   Integrated email into the job ticket
»   QuickBooks integration
»   FedEx integration
»   Shop overview calendar
»   Activity Based Costing Estimator
»   PixtaCatalog integration (optional)

Contact Roy Pfeifer at or call 415-462-5927 x102.

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pixtalogoAbout Pixta, Inc.

Pixta, Inc.  offers a family of integrated, cloud-based solutions for large-format digital printers to facilitate the transfer, tracking and collaboration of digital media over the Internet.  Pixta, Inc. is a member of the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association.  For additional details on Pixta, Inc. visit:





Novato, CA. Building cloud based services for the large-format digital print industry since 2004, Pixta, Inc. announced today: PixtaStudio.  PixtaStudio is a collection of integrated cloud-based print management and fulfillment services that provide exceptional ease-of-use and value.  PixtaStudio combines their premier stand-alone services: PixtaFlow-Job Management, estimating and fulfillment; PixtaCatalog- Digital Storefronts; and PixtaSynapse- Secure file transfer into a print management powerhouse.

PixtaStudio further improves on the advanced features in PixtaFlow by adding updated mobile estimating and customer portals along with tightly integrated FedEx label printing and QuickBooks integration.  Together these services combine to provide a streamlined, easy-to-use, reasonably priced alternative to boxed or home-grown software.

Using Pixta services helps small to mid-sized print companies reduce costs.  Since Pixta’s services are cloud-based, companies can reduce the cost of existing hardware, overhead and maintenance while investing in reliable, high-quality services delivered to Internet enabled devices.  Rather than paying up-front for a Swiss-army knife of expensive monolithic software, Pixta delivers ease-of-use at a reasonable cost scaled to what customers actually need.

We’re working towards the goal of a zero-touch order, stated David J. Rudolph, Founder and President of Pixta, Inc.  Our goal is to facilitate getting an order though production without any additional data entry, to reduce errors and lower costs. We’ve updated our mobile, tablet-based estimator to take advantage of a revised math model that provides customized yet consistently accurate quotes. We’ve integrated FedEx web services and have been approved by FedEx to print labels directly from a web-browser.  PixtaCatalog has really matured this year with an integrated inventory system, low-inventory thresholds, and approvals process.  PixtaStudio is a complete system for large-format digital printers.

At the 2012 SGIA show Pixta will be at Booth 163 demonstrating PixtaStudio: mobile estimating on both iPad and Android devices, FedEx labels printed from the cloud and PixtaCatalog.  To arrange a demo, contact: Roy Pfeifer ( or 415.798.2270.

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pixtalogoAbout Pixta, Inc.

Pixta, Inc.  offers a family of integrated, cloud-based solutions for large-format digital printers to facilitate the transfer, tracking and collaboration of digital media over the Internet.  Pixta, Inc. is a member of the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association.  For additional details on Pixta, Inc. visit:



Pixta, Inc. announces innovative web-based workflow software for the print industry -PixtaFlow

Novato, CA September 18, 2006 Pixta, Inc., announced today PixtaFlow. web-based collaborative workflow system – designed for the print industry

With integrated modules for Estimating, Staging customer data, Contact management, Materials management, Job scheduling, Email and Shipping, PixtaFlow allows the print industry to better track their jobs and connect with customers.
PixtaFlow simplifies collaboration between the various groups in a print studio and their customers.   Enabling sales, production, shipping and accounting people to have a custom view on the jobs moving through the shop. Our client, a large-format digital print studio, simply wanted a system that let their customers re-order via their website, explained President and founder of Pixta, Inc. David J. Rudolph. the shop was using a custom, proprietary, system to handle orders. It wasn’t straightforward for employees to use and allowed no visibility for customers, outside of their office, to get job information and re-order. Customers were required to phone the shop to check on job status. We wrote PixtaFlow to help the shop work more efficiently by having all job records easily accessible while giving their customers visibility into the shop process.

24-hour sales department PixtaFlow nevers sleeps

PixtaFlow provides a print studios customers with customized views of their estimates, and jobs, in production.   It allows a customer to comment on a job, via any web-browser, or to see the status of their jobs in production, automatically reorder, print invoices and send email directly into the PixtaFlow job number for a complete audit trail of the job.  Customers and the studio alike now have a complete history of the job in one place.   PixtaFlow has configurable user and group privileges, a QuickBooks® module to export data to QuickBooks® and no need to install software, only a web-browser is required.

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[notice]Pixta, Inc., a privately held company, is located in Novato, California.[/notice]



Pixta, Inc. launches premiere web-based file transfer service PixtaSynapse

Novato, CA  September 1, 2006 Pixta, Inc., announced today the release of PixtaSynapse. A professional file transfer service designed as an easier and more secure alternative, to FTP for transferring files.

Built to meet the demanding requirements of the large-format digital printing industry, and its customers, PixtaSynapse simplifies the process of sending, receiving and managing files up to 2GB (requiring only a web-browser).

“We were consulting with a prominent large-format digital graphics company and spending a lot of time maintaining their FTP server.   Based upon the support costs of maintaining the FTP server and negative perception of having a common inbox for most customers, we knew there had to be a better way explained President and founder of Pixta, Inc. David J. Rudolph. We wrote PixtaSynapse from the ground-up to reduce support costs, tighten-up the lack of security in FTP and allow companies to get their brand in front of their customers when transferring files.

With notifications, via email and RSS, after the file has been received by the Pixta servers – the recipient is sent a notification that a file is waiting in their PixtaSynapse Inbox and the sender is sent a notification the file has been received.   PixtaSynapse also provides a convenient link to the file, for the recipient to download. Thumbnail representations of uploaded images in the PixtaSynapse Inbox of most graphic formats, including .eps and .pdf, allows easy identification of the transferred file.

Having a unique, branded, File Dropbox for each print studio, using a secure 128-bit SSL connection to the PixtaSynapse servers and virus checking each file transferred to the PixtaSynapse servers, PixtaSynapse simplifies security and defines ease-of-use when transferring files.

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About Pixta, Inc. pixtalogo

Pixta, Inc., a privately held company, is located in Novato, California