The Internet has been disruptive to some industries: travel, books retailers,  and there are large, well-funded,companies moving into the printing industry which are hoping to disrupt the print industry through the economies of scale Internet sales provide.

No boundaries…

Using Pixta cloud-based services allows your company a competitive advantage, so you can begin reaching customers outside your geographic area so you are not perceived as a commodity.

With PixtaCatalog you harness your relationships… offering additional value and service through customized catalogs for building customer loyalty.  By using PixtaFlow, you can estimate  jobs and manage jobs in production from most modern Internet connected devices.  Customers check their orders via the PixtaFlow customer portal from all over the world via their Internet browser, and don’t need to phone your support team to check on orders , or reorder.  Using the PixtaFlow customer portal, customers have the power to easily reorder, check on order status, proof jobs, upload files and more.

Larger chains, franchises and Fortune 500 companies have some of the most demanding prerequisites in a Digital Storefront. PixtaCatalog assists in making you less of a commodity by having your customers to to a branded catalog filled with products they  order/reorder goods, but need to customize.  After ordering production ready PDF’ are placed directly into your workflow along with the order; no order re-keying is necessary. PixtaCatalog is packed with features that allow you to manage the volume of orders produced by these clients.

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