PixtaFlow V3 – Showing at SGIA 2015

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Pixta will be showing a preview release of PixtaFlow Version 3

Version 3 will be taking advantage of some of the amazing improvements available from the web browser  to provide a better experience for our customers.  We’re now able to now build the kind of products we’d built as stand-alone applications, ones that had expressive user interfaces which didn’t bring using the application to a grinding halt, while still delivering it at a reasonable cost.

Dynamic Scheduling

Our new integrated dynamic scheduler is one of those applications.   Built as a module in PixtaFlow V3: simply drag and drop jobs to any work center, view daily production schedules, two-day one-week schedules or a custom schedule.  Start the scheduler in a ‘what-if’ mode to test different schedules seeing what works best, stashing the tests and then publishing the one you want.  The PixtaFlow scheduler takes into account job dependencies and reshuffles your work-load to find the best production mix.  Don’t be afraid to test different production scenarios, there are unlimited Undo’s/Redo’s when that “Ooops” moment happens.   We’ll be demonstrating forwards scheduling at SGIA with backwards scheduling (or due-date) incorporated into the final release version of the scheduler.

Updated GUI

A lot of work has been going into Version 3 making PixtaFlow easier to use and look great.  At SGIA we’ll show off some of that effort.  This work will be ongoing using our new palette of tools to make PixtaFlow better and better, day by day.

We hope that if you’re going to SGIA in Atlanta Nov. 4-6th you’ll stop by booth #1539, say hello, and take a look a the preview release of PixtaFlow V3.   See you at SGIA in Atlanta!

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