PixtaFlow update – May 6, 2014

There is a scheduled update for PixtaFlow due out on May 6, 2014. It will be transparent to you and is free of charge.

A ton of changes have taken place since the last update so we thought it best to enumerate some of the bigger ones so your team take advantage of them:

1) Override the final estimated price. We’ve heard your request that the adjustments to the overall price weren’t enough. So now the final extended price can be completely overridden for each line item.

2) Display only the production stages you want to view. With this update you’ll be able to selectively display the stages, on both the status bar and the Shop Overview, you want to view (via the Admin->Shop states menu).

3) Proofing was given an overhaul to make is easier to use and provide more functionality. Too many specific changes to detail here but we know you’re gonna love it. BTW: All file transfer is free when proofing files.

4) Session timeout is configurable so that you can change the timeout for both the customer-side and shop-side session timeouts.

5) Notifications: Email notifications have been given a facelift and they look great in most popular email programs.   Also, New order and Proofing notifications have been given a bunch of love.

6) Reports: Emailed reports have taken the first step in getting more concise with just the right about of content in them. Take a look at the new periodic emailed reports and let us know what you think.

7) Estimates: Can now be selectively visible, or hidden, from the customer portal.  A nice feature so if you can keep a draft copy and only publish it when you are ready.

8) Lots of little fixes and polishes here and there. The feedback you provide really helps, keep it coming.

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