Can PixtaFlow functions be licensed separately?

We sometimes get asked:  “Can we license just a part of your PixtaFlow system, like estimating, and use it along with our other shop-managed processes?”  Short answer, no.  But there is more to it than that.

The question points to the reason Pixta exists today.  PixtaFlow was created because print shops were operating with several different platforms supporting different functions and this cobbled together solution was difficult and costly to manage.  Difficult because making different systems work together smoothly is hard to do (for both the employees and for management).  Costly because you often have to have someone on staff who knows all the systems well, and they spend a lot of time managing these very different systems, not to mention shop down-time if one part isn’t working right.
So we created a relatively comprehensive workflow management system and took the management difficulties out of the equation, and cut related costs too.  I say relatively comprehensive because there are really good shipping and accounting solutions out there, so we didn’t try to reinvent those functions; we just allowed our system to work with them.
Are all of our functions perfect for every shop?  Not always.  Are they way better than spreadsheets and estimators not designed for large format print shops?  Definitely.
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