Pixta, Inc. is a privately held corporation based in Marin County, California.  Founded in 2004, Pixta was a pioneer of Software as a Service (SaaS) in the Cloud, releasing our first product in 2005. Our goal is to assist graphic professionals in workflow management and collaboration of  print media using our exclusive cloud-based software.  We design our software to be powerful yet easy-to-use, with high levels of security and reliability.  Products that just work.

Pixta started with a product called PixtaSynapse to assist our customers in transferring large-files simply and securely across the Internet. Using PixtaSynapse, the sender needs only a web-browser to send files.  To make the service super-reliable, we built the servers and core-technology for our custom file processing pipeline and located it all in a secure Class A co-location facility.  We use bank-level secure, automated, off-site backups to safeguard our customers data in case of a catastrophic emergency.

Once printers received the files for production from PixtaSynapse it became obvious that a solution was needed to manage those large files through the production process.  PixtaFlow was born as a basic workflow management software with a huge advantage over other software: it was designed specifically for large-format print companies and it was a pure cloud product – the Pixta system can scale based on load and has redundancy throughout.  Over the next few years, PixtaFlow became more powerful with the addition accounting and then shipping integration.  Later Activity Based Costing (ABC) estimating was added so that estimating was as accurate as possible.  Customer portals were created to allow the print shop customer to send files and view their orders right up to proofing, providing the customer with more insight into their job.

In reaction to customer demands we created PixtaCatalog, which is not just a standard web-based catalog, but a manufacturing-based catalog understands production and that feeds those steps directly into PixtaFlow.  This facilitates a more streamlined build process as no additional touches are required to build a catalog based product.

Customer-focused is an understatement at Pixta, Inc.; Our development road-map is prioritized by our customer’s needs. At Pixta, our focus is providing great cloud-based technology so our customers have to tools they need grow their businesses and be more efficient.